Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's to you, Prez!

Ack! Ack! Ack!!!


Anyway, Obama was inaugurated, and is now our actual President, and I feel so much better.

I really do.

And he's gone right to work, with smart people, trying hard to make stuff better.

What a change.

George W. flew off into the sunset, with Karl Rove sputtering fealty and non-sensical utterances that only served to make everyone across the world wonder if Rove got into the Kool-Aid when no one was looking, and Cheney, poor old Cheney, wheeling around like someone's ill (and ill-tempered) old Uncle, because he hurt his back hauling all the secrets out of his office...

We cvan hope for better, but there are still a bunch of looney Evangelical-Republican-Fetus-Savers and Convict-Electrocuters out there who think that somehow...somehow...Bush was...
to the end.

Of course he was, he was so good, so smart, so strong...

We did not have another terrorist attack on our soil after 9-11.

Okay, now read that last sentence carefully.

In all the history books from now on, they will describe all the hopeless failures that the 43rd President's administration either led (Iraq), presided over (Worst Recession Since The Depression), or did nothing about (Hurricane Katrina, etc.), but they will always be able to print that one piece of good news.

And it is really good news, that we did not suffer another terrorist attack on our soil after 9-11.

But more Americans died in Iraq, which after all was totally unconnected to Al-Qaeda, and which did not have ANY nuclear or biological weapons, and, um, oh yeah, that dictator Saddam had actually threatened W's father's life with a real assassination why did we actually go there?

Okay, if I had the world's greatest military force at my disposal, and that guy had wanted to assassinate my dad, I probably would have done the same thing, wouldn't you?

I just hope I would have been more honest about the whole thing.

But remember, Truth doesn't actually mean anything anymore.

Evangelical Conservatives still support a guy who didn't feel Truth was as big a deal as Security and Secrecy.

Why would they? Because he's with them on other issues more important to Evangelical Christians than Truth. Such as Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Guns.

Those are really more important than Truth.

And Bush doesn't give 2 shits about the environment, since his corporate buddies told him not to. Which fits perfectly with Evangelicals...they don't really care about the environment unless it is someday free of Gays, Abortionists and Fornicators.

A few of these Evangelicals cared so much about Fetus' rights, in the 90'S they killed off a few of the doctors who were trying to kill off those fetuses.

But that works, right?


Much like it's okay to kill a convict on death row, because he killed somebody else.

When they quote that the Bible says "An eye for an eye," they mean it.

In fact, that passage was written into the Bible to make it clear that there would be new rules governing the religious, and it was hoped, governing all societies.

"An eye for an eye" actually represented a reduction in the level of vengeance one could expect when that was written.

The author was trying to get people to reduce their level of revenge for wrongs, to a more equitable level.

Before that, it was more like "A village for an eye."

So we should be happy with the killing of a killer, as it represents a civilizing step, and not the other way around.