Friday, March 28, 2008

Who Likes Whom?

Former governor Bill Richardson recently decided to endorse Barack Obama for the Presidential Race, thus pissing off the Hillary Clinton camp, who thought he was going to support their candidate instead.

A conservative congregation leader from some numbnuts place like Texas decided to endorse John McCain after all the other Republican contenders dropped out, thus pissing off the far right wing lunatic fringe of the Republican party, who all seem to want McCain to slide under a gas truck and taste his own blood.

Barack acts like he doesn't want to look, but he wants to sneak up and lift the edge so everybody else can peek under Hillary's skirt.

Hillary wants to kick Barack in the nards.

Spring is in the air, and the Presidential hopefuls are getting homicidal in their quest for the holy grail, the brass ring, the most powerful job television has ever seen.

Thank God that God hasn't endorsed anyone this time around. It was bad enough in 2000 when, according to George W., he got God's nod.

In a surprising move, Mohammed endorsed the Independent ticket of Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X.

Of course Buddha endorsed The Dalai Lama. (Again! No surprise there... Jesus! I mean Buddha!)

Joseph Smith endorsed Mitt Romney, on the condition that Mitt up the wife count a little.

Mother Theresa endorsed John F. Kennedy.

L. Ron Hubbard endorsed the Felons, Counterfeiters and Scam Artists Party.

The Marquis de Sade endorsed Ralph Nader.

And today Beelzebub endorsed all the past and present candidates, all the delegates and the superdelegates, all the electors, pollsters, media figures, and the general population and other politicans from this and every other country in the world...

Good to know someone has faith that we will do the right thing.

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