Thursday, October 2, 2008

Or Something Like That...

The U.S. Economy is smelling as sour as year-old milk, banks are deep-sea diving, cars are not going anywhere, new houses may have lights on but nobody's home, and the rest of the world is empathizing to an alarming degree.

Time to move to France!

No, wait, France's economy turns out to be all bubbles, no champagne.

Just like the rest of Europe right now.

And Asia's is still treading water, but Russia's is threatening to become a real bear.

Is the another Great something or other?

Recession, Depression, Implosion, Erosion?

I dont' know...

But I think if we can't get credit to loosen up across the world, we may teeter on the totter closer to the worst of those.

And how to loosen credit?

Give the power to spend almost a Trillion Dollars to the Treasury Secretary, of course.

Hey, who the hell knows, it just might work!

Of course, it may also put us into a toilet-bowl spin downward into the sewers of history, but it'll be a fun ride nonetheless!

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