Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's Weather, continued

We rarely get this much snow.

A couple of inches is about all, and if we get more than one or two brief snows per winter, that's unusual as well.

Some years lately we haven't even had any measurable snowfall on the valley floor.

We may get freezing rain a couple of times, or maybe none at all in an average winter.

This year, the snowfall is as heavy as it has been only a few times in my life in Oregon.

And we have had several snow storms in a row, and a couple of freezing rain events.

I have been here about 40 years, and in this Northwest part of Oregon, we normally just don't get the storms like the Eastern and Southern parts of the state.

Every winter we can drive an hour to Mount Hood for snow up to 10 feet deep, and there are many ski areas along the Cascades down the length of Oregon that are easily accessible to most of the population.

Usually we have to go to those mountains to see a foot of snow or more.

Today we just have to look out our windows.

I like it!

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