Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Winter Of Our Discontent

The nations economy looks to be still struggling to get on its feet.

Signs of a recovery are still not apparent.

We are getting little good news, and a lot of bad.

We must keep the faith, and look towards the coming months with hope.

Why? Because it can make us feel better than we otherwise might.

And what will that do for the economy?

Not much.

But remember, the Super Bowl is today, and advertisers are still willing to shell out record amounts for commercials.

$3,000,000 today, for 30 seconds, a record.

That tells me some very large and powerful corporations and people (large people?) believe there is a benefit to reaching out to American and international consumers in this, a dark moment in the current recession.

All is not lost when the Super Bowl can still generate millions, maybe even billions in ad revenues.

So think positively, look towards the shining football stadium on the hill, and remember, if we can't get work in construction or development or finance or mortgages or real estate or the auto business, we can all go to work on Madison Avenue, where we can drink all day, smoke cigarettes constantly, and chase skirts around the office.

This once proud country will rise again, in an alcohol and nicotine-fueled rampage through the boardrooms, bedrooms and hotels of greater New York.

If we can't manufacture things, or create, or innovate, or save, or invest, we can certainly shill.

Brigades of suits, decked out with crisp-edged pocket squares and shiny shoes, will descend on the enemy and convince them that we are still Number 1.

Believe in what I say, oh ye of little faith.

For the words of the profits were written on the corporate wall,
And tenement hall,
And echoes, with the sound, of salesmen.

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