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Today, continued

Crap! Forgot my blog background color is so dark. I typed something in dark blue, and then accidentally somehow hit "Publish Post" and apparently cannot get back into a post to edit.

Yeah, that would destroy the integrity of the crappy writing or somesuch nonsense. Either that or I just don't know how to do that yet. Could be.

I can try to remember to preview, and not hit the wrong button...

Here is what I wrote at the end of the last post:



Jesus, I wonder what the real reason for religion could be if it's not crowd control and population control.

Religious wars have killed enough people to conserve enough resources to keep the rest of us alive a little longer.

I thought religion was the opiate of the masses, at least according to Marx or Engels or someone like that, but it's not anymore. Religion is nowhere near as much fun as an opiate should be. It is more like an electric dog collar or a cattle prod.

Join our church, where we all love one another, and we hate everyone who doesn't believe exactly the same things as we do, and where if you aren't in line constantly, we hit you with the Taser in the sensitive spots until you shape up, you little bastard.

Now television is the real opiate of the masses, and consumerism is a close second.

But what the hell do I care, let's go to the mall and then watch some monumentally stupid so-called "reality" show where everything is scripted at the reading level of a retarded basset hound.

- - - - -

I just worked out today. It feels really good. I can get into the endorphins and testosterone and all that other good free, legal stuff when I work out hard. It is completely worth it, believe me. It is easy to put it off, easy to get busy, but don'tlet that happen. You deserve the rewards that come from taking really good care of your booty. I mean body.

I'm a good example of the benefits of strenuous exercise and healthy diet. I just feel so much better than I did before I started a regular workout regimen.

I work out really hard, religiously, once a quarter, and I eat only salads and martinis. I make sure I always get the minimum daily allowance of illegal drugs, and I limit all risky behaviours to
only those times when I know I can get away with it.

- - - - -

I have a theory about time travel, and that is, does anybody really know what time it is anyway? And does anybody really care? I know I don't.

- - - -

I have another theory, slightly more serious.

I think that intimate relationships are always fraught (fraught I tell you!) with dangers, and they can be wearing on one or both (or all three or four or five) people involved.

But I think that in heterosexual relationships anyway (and what other kind does your God allow?) women usually end up getting worn down the most.

I believe that men wear down the women, that we even wear them out in some ways. We tire them out and we make them feel less alive and less vibrant and less resilient, and it begins to show.

Sometimes you can see a woman who looks worn down by the crap she has to put up with. Men often hand out a lot of crap to their partner.

But it takes years for it to really take its toll, and to really show in their faces.

When it does show, it is sad, disheartening, and a shame.

And then we leaver them and go looking for a woman that does not show that wear, that has more life, more spark, more vibrancy.

We are all attracted to life, and we want to be around those who seem to possess more of it.

We have worn down a woman who, because of what we have put her through, now looks less alive, and because we are tired of being around someone who looks so so much less alive, we go looking for someone else, someone who seems to have more spark in them.

We don't try to give that life back to the woman we drained of it, we just split and try to find a better replacement.

A few women wear down men, but more men subtly, slowly, a little at a time, destroy the women they are with.

Some of these couples die together, still married just becuase it is too much trouble to divorce, and too messy to kill each other.

Besides, they have the kids, and who wants to put the kids through that hell-hole?

My dad, for one (twice), and my uncle, and several friends, and some other relatives who I barely know, and millions of other Americans, and finally, myself.

Crapped all over the relationship, and the kids, because I could not stand being with my ex-wife, and didn't try to make it better, and saw that even though she was trying valiantly to break my spirit and shove me into the dirt, I was doing more damage to her.

If only God had been stronger in our marriage, I cold have gone to a foreign land and killed infidel unbelievers instead.

- - - - -

Would it be bad to say that I have friends who are gay, and friends who are not, and my gay friends are almost all cooler than my straight friends, but sometimes I think my gay friends just like me for my butt?

- - - - -

Always remember the words of General Douglas Macarthur, as he strode the shores of Iwo Jima and Tripoli, and the White Cliffs of Dover, waiting for the Japanese to bomb Stalingrad:

"The poop always rolls downhill."

No one ever figured out what it meant, because he was already going around the bend by that time, and he was actually standing in a fountain in Hackensack, New Jersey at the time.

- - - - -

My life is a charade, played out by Sheherezade. Or, maybe not.

- - - - -

Do we really need to be pushing out from out borders with money, men (and women0 and military action in support of ideals and plans that others around the world generally don't want to hear about?

What if we just decided to stay home for awhile?

What if we decided to not send any more troops to new places, and to maybe bring home at least some of the troops already out there in places that are not home?

I know this sounds selfish and a little like Pat Buchanan, but maybe we should work here, in our country, on our country's problems.

Maybe we should spend less money on foreign countries and foreign people who aren't really liking us all that much right now.

Maybe we can quit trying to be the great white missionaries to all the whole damn world, and work within our borders on problems that maybe all that money and time, if used here, could actually do some good for us. For all of us.

Why do we need to stop starvation, genocide, and ethnic cleansing?

I know, that sounds so heartless and cold, and I am usually the polar opposite of that, but for so long we have tried to force our way on others, and we have tried to save so many others, and out own country is looking at some really serious problems that we are not yet accepting or tyring to correct.

War, genocide, ethnic cleansing, starvation, are all problems brought on by governments or factions within those countries.

I know this sounds simplistic, but if they can't see those are minumentally stupid ideas, what makes us think we will have any real long term positive effect on them by forcing them to stop.

Maybe we let them kill each other, and yes, kill innocents, until they stop, and we put huge economic sanctions on them for 10 or 20 or 50 years, or until a change in government to a regime that denounces those kinds of lunacy.

Seriously, why waste our money, time, soldiers, and so much more when we still have starving, homeless, endangered people here in our country?

I'm a heartless bastard, but what about at least asking the questions? There is so much that we are in danger of losing, that we have to find ways to help our country before it gets really grim.

We are looking at the first time that anyone alive in our country, or anyone they ever knew in their lives, will see us become less powerful economically and possibly even militarily than some other country or countries.

There are those of us who think that is not a big deal, and a good lesson to learn, humbling and all that.

Ah, but grasshopper, you forget the lesson of the retarded asshole bully:

When he finds his power diminishing, he lashes out worse and worse, harming others even more in the fear that he will soon have no power.

Look at our current cowboys, and tell me you think we will be okay losing power in this world, and that we won't have idiotic leaders who cause us terrible loss in their last gasps, spasms of power grabbing.

If we don't strengthen ourselves, we or our children will live in a more dangerous world, until power is balanced again in some way, and before it balances, it could lead closer to more widespread, more serious, even nuclear, war.

And that would really ruin our day.

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