Sunday, November 2, 2008

AP Report 8:00 pm EST, Nov 4, 2008

Obama Has Won The Election In A Landslide!

In an unprecedented election, an unprecedented candidate turned the conventional wisdom upside down and beat Republican John McCain by the largest electoral vote margin in over 50 years.

Barack Obama has become the President Elect at a time of great economic and political crisis, and has done so with the support of more American votes than have ever been cast for a Presidential Candidate in American history.

The celebrations will be loud, but must also be brief as President Elect Obama begins to assemble his new Cabinet, and to plan strategies to get the American economy back on track, and to regain some measure of America's diminished support abroad.

In a side note, a small, nearly unknown blogger in Oregon predicted before Super Tuesday 2008 that when it came right down to it, too many Americans just could not vote for a woman or a black man for President. He was so wrong, it is hard to measure just how wrong he was. Let us say it this way for emphasis; He was wronger than any political prognosticator in the history of the world, and he knows it. He was the wrongest of any blogger in the entire history of wrong blogging. He should simply give it up now.

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