Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Moment

Today as I was driving somewhere, I heard the beginning of "A Prairie Home Companion".

Garrison Keillor and a woman I did not recognize sang a medley, which I believe he or someone on his show created.

It started with America The Beautiful, and wove in parts of a song about truckers, a Beach Boys song, and many others in a wide assortment of various musical Americana.

It was so well done, I sat in my car listening to the last half of it before getting out. Just sat. And listened to the whole long song.

It gave me a familiar tingling feeling, that surge of warmth or emotion or whatever it is, like when the Marines thunder to the rescue of the hero in trouble, or when you wander upon a very old friend you haven't seen in many years, or you hear an aria, or certain Neil Diamond songs. your kid does something you did not think they could do, or the look on your grandmother's face when you visit her in cancer treatment during your honeymoon.

Those things bring a tear to my eye, just after the tingle, and the surge.

I like those things.

I hope to one day give a little of that feeling to readers of or listeners to my work, at just the right time of course.

Garrison did it pretty well.

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