Friday, May 9, 2008

The Dinosaurs - What Really Happened

The Dinbosaurs didn't all die from a virus, an ice age, or volcanoes.

They didn't disappear because of global warming or cooling, or from parasites.

They didn't get killed by meteorites or asteroids.

So what caused their extinction?

It is a little known fact that dinosaurs lived long enough, and had just enough brain capacity to create organized societies, including city councils, state legislatures, and national congressional bodies.

Dinosaurs were actualy quite adept at politics, and lobbying was one of their prime skills, after eating, sleeping and killing each other. (Just like us.)

The dinosaurs also evolved enough technological prowess to create the first television broadcasts.

This explains the strange signals our scientists keep receiving with radio telescopes.

These sounds are not coming from other planets, they are reflections back to us, of the sounds emitted by the dinosaurs television transmissions hundreds of millions of years ago. It just takes that long for the sounds to make their way back to us after circulating to the shiny outer walls of the universe.

So, coming to understand all of this, scientists have recently unraveled the cause of death of the dinosaurs.

After one too many policial election seasons, and way too many dinosaur talking-head political analysts saying nothing that makes any sense, but saying it loudly (just like now,) and millions too many political advertisements on their televisions, the dinosaurs all became frustrated, despondent and depressed (just like us,) and decided they would rather commit suicide than sit through one more election campaign (just like me).

And that is how the dinosaurs showed their true, high intelligence.

And after they died, they all decided to become crude oil.


Did you know that the word "dinosaurs" can be rearranged to a new phrase?

"Dinosaurs" is actually an anagram of the phrase, " No Sir, Saud!"

Very few people are aware of this highly important clue to the current upheaval in the Petroleum commodity markets.

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