Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's Next ?

Hillary is ahead, Obama is ahead, McCain is ahead of them both...

What a long, drawn-out, horribly endless campaign.

And for what? The position of the second or third most powerful leader in the world.

Jeez, who wants this job ?

Putin leaves but stays, Israel and Palestine work towards peace as they actively kill each other, Lebanon struggles with Hezbollah, Nigerian unrest reduces the flow and increases the price of oil, Venezualen ambitions disrupt Colombia, Russia grows to a rich monstrosity through oil and natural gas, unrest in Tibet, masses dead in Myanmar, Iraq struggles to not explode, Iran plays the spoiler, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf states don't really care what happens to us.

And at home, houses tumble in value, workers get laid off, corporations lose money, the Dollar loses a lot of value against the worlds currencies, the trade deficit grows way too fast, the Federal Debt grows exponentially, Medicare will bankrupt the country in about 20 years, Social Security will bankrupt the country again in about 30 years, there is too much pollution, not enough manufacturing, and we have no money to fix most of these things because the Iraq war costs so much.

Great job, how can I get one like that?

But somebody has to do it.

So who could do it best?

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