Sunday, January 27, 2008


And I am not referring to Matt Drudge. He's a goober.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have each won two states, and are poised to fight it out with each other snaggle-tooth and hangnail.

Dennis Kucinich has a hot wife, or girlfirend or companion or whatever. Much hotter than Fred Thompson's wife, or John McCain's wife, Cindy, and way, way hotter than Rudy Guliani's third wife.

That's why Fred is gone, and Rudy will be gone, but John should stick it out because he's probably the most real of the Republicanos.

Dennis Kucinich ought to stick around for the entertainment value, like Ron Paul.

Barack and Hillary will continue to fight it out, with Barack trying to take the high road, and Hillary trying to win.

And how about Bloomberg for Prez and Ahnold for VP?

Or Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice?

Or Dopey and Grumpy? Ooops, we already have them in office. Damn.

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