Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scientology - updated

Sorry Dear Readers,
I didn't clarify something.

The Church of Scientology and individual high level members of Scientology were accused of trying to infiltrate more than one U.S. Government agency - the Treasury Department of the United States - specifically the Internal Revenue Service - and over 100 other U.S. agencies. They were convicted of multiple criminal charges stemming from these acts.

Scientology and a number of its highest level members have been indicted and / or convicted of numerous crimes in the United States and in a number of other countries, including Canada, France, England, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Italy and others.

The most common criminal complaints agianst Scientology / Scientologists are for fraud, infiltration, tax offenses, illegal practice of medicine, and various crimes against members and enemies of Scientology, such as brainwashing, kidnapping/holding someone against their will, intimidation and violence.

What I mentioned in the previous post about Scientology directing members to use force, including up to a .45 caliber weapon against certain enemies, comes from directives that describe certain enemies as "Suppressive Persons" and some as "Fair Game".

If you get labeled "Fair Game" by these clowns, it is just as bad as it sounds.

Scientology is not a church.

Scientology is a vile, dangerous, amoral cult.

And it costs so much money to climb their ladder of learning and achievement in getting "clear" that many members end up giving most or all their assets to the organization, but it usually is gradual, over several years, as they try to please their leaders.

So, few people actually complain publicly, as they have been gradually brainwashed to think what they are doing and what they are putting up with are normal.

They lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, infiltrate, and physically harm anyone or anything that stands in their way.

For all they have done, maybe Scientology should be Fair Game.

The nutbags and pantloads in Scientology should all just go home and get a life, and stop harassing people and governments.

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