Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Politicians in Love

Edwards is bowing out of the Democratic Presidential race, Guiliani is next to leave the Republican side, and there is uncertainty in the media over who is now the front horse!

With Guiliani gone, McCain can fight it out with the Mormon guy, what's his name? Oh yeah, Mitt Romney, the Rom-Bot. He's just a little too scrubbed and plastic for my taste.

And the loss of Edwards means the Democrats will really face the ultimate political question:

Whether all the red-neck voters across the country, Southern and otherwise, will actually vote for a woman or a black man for President.

They can say anything they want, and they can vote however they want in the Primaries, where is doesn't matter as much, but what will they do when it counts?

When they go into the private booth, when it is time to actually vote for the President of the United States, what will they actually do?

These voters would potentially go for and Edwards/Clinton or Edwards/Obama ticket, but will they really vote for a woman or a black man?

And even more telling, would they ever vote for Hillary Clinton for President?

I believe John McCain will take those voters, and if he can get just enough of the independents and hawkish Democrats, he can take it all.

Many American believe him to be more honest and forthright, and to have more integrity, than our current leaders, and his stances against torture and campaign finance loopholes has won him friends on the left, probably even more than on the right.

John McCain is the one to watch.

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