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Scientology - My Favorite Fake Religion

The Delphian School, near Sheridan, Oregon, about an hour South West of Portland. This boarding school for grade school through high school kids is owned and run by the Church of Scientology, and all staff and admministration members must first be Scientology members.

Wow, The Church of Scientology is under assault from a group that calls itself Anonymous, or Anon.

This group claims to be fighting the totalitarian and harsh methods of the "Church".

They are also highlighting the case of a young woman who died in 1995 under what was at the time suspicious circumstances, and which initially generated felony charges against the Church, which the authorities initially held responsible.

The young woman, Lisa McPherson, was in an auto accident on November 18, 1995. She seemed mentally unbalanced at the scene.

She refused to stay in the hospital and instead went to a "church" site and stayed there, under only care of "Church" members, until her death on December 5, 1995.

In the original report the state’s Coroner, Joan Wood, stated that the autopsy showed McPherson had deteriorated slowly, going without fluids for five to 10 days, was underweight, had several bruises and bedsores. They also showed she had been unconscious for up to 48 hours before her death and had dark brown lesions consistent with "insect/animal bites" in the right lower arm just above the wrist.

Wood said that McPherson had probably been bitten by cockroaches. Joan Wood concluded that Lisa McPherson died of a pulmonary embolism caused by bed rest and severe dehydration. Scientology responded by stating that Wood was lying and sued Wood for defamation.

They also hired the country's most expensive medical experts and paid them enough money to say what the "Church" wanted them to say.

The charges against the Church of Scientology were dropped after the state's medical examiner, Joan Wood, changed the cause of death from "undetermined" to an "accident" on June 13, 2000 thereby taking the Church of Scientology off the hook.

Anyway, Lisa McPherson was probably killed by the extreme nutcase methods employed by "Church" members, including neglect.

And these members sued, and bought expert opinions, and likely also bribed and intimidated, even threatened individuals and officials to get the results they wanted.

The officials of the "Church" have no qualms about doing anything unsavory, and they will literally do anything to anyone they wish because they feel they can get away with it.

They have no moral compass. There is no hisorical code of what the rest of us would call good behavior that they are taught to follow.

See the whole story here:

The so-called "Church" of Scientology is known for it's fringe beliefs and willingness to do anything, no matter what, to protect the organization.

The founder of this group, L. Ron Hubbard, was a moderately successful science fiction novelist who once famously said, and I paraphrase,

"The best way to make a fortune is to start your own religion."

Which he later did.

Some of his followers, and his wife, were indicted for trying to infiltrate the United States Treasury.

He lived his last years in a very large yacht far enough off the coast of the U.S. to avoid capture by the authorities for any of his or his organizations varied transgressions.

Written instructions for "Church" members directed that reprisals against those who speak out against the organization, primarily ex-members who speak out, can include use of force, up to and including the use of firearms as large as a .45 caliber. !!!

Anyone who falls for the gloss, the hype, the "religious victimization" claims by members who lamely attempt to answer to any of these charges, should know that this is not a real church, nor is it a real religion.

It is a masquerade.

It is an excuse for tax exempt status.

Church members have to give a lot of their money and possessions to the church to remain members. Not just 10 % tithing, they want more, much more.

I was told that and many other things by "Church" members who tried over several years to recruit me.

And the organization has a boarding school in Oregon that I lived near for many years.

It is called the Delphian School, and it is in the hills just outside of Sheridan, Oregon.

(See the photo at the top of this entry.)
The school is primarily for wealthy members of Scientology to send their problem children.
It all looks pretty good on the surface, but it's not a healthy place for kids to learn how to be good people.

When I was a teenager, members tried to recruit me to the school.

I was able to get into the bowels of the building where, at the time, the outcast kids smoked in a small, drab, dim room with a single light bulb, a card table and two or three folding chairs.

I found out much more about the "Church" than I ever would have if I listened only to the official spokespeople or literature.

I never wrote about it before this, because I knew what they were willing to do.

The "Church" of Scientology is a fraud, a fake, and a criminal enterprise, filled with individuals willing to overlook wrongdoing, and including a few individuals who are willing to do the worst to get whatever they want.

This is not a church, and their tax exempt status is a slap in the face to every actual church, and to every decent, kind, regular person in the country.

And there is more, and it's not good...but I can't tell it all now.


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