Saturday, April 5, 2008

Only A Retard Blogs Without Getting Paid Big Bucks For It

What a strange land we have.

I guess I should have known...

I did hear something about fake bloggers, just like fake journalists supporting government programs and fake shoppers crowding into new stores, and fake bar and club hoppers jamming new joints, and fake pregnant women having fake babies...

Is there no truth, honesty, morality, chivalry, or density anymore?

Our civilization is quickly degenerating into a mass of hype, sound-bites, and half-off sales.

Maybe Osama was right, (not the terrorist Senator from Iraq, but the Saudi Arabian running for President while living in a cave somewhere in Illinois-istan) when he said, and I quote,

"Always take a litter bag in your car.
Then when it gets full, you can just throw it out the window."

I don't want to sound too immodest, but I first heard that saying thirty years ago, just before I was born, and I can tell you with full valor and indignity, I have lived by those inspiring words every day since then, for the last twenty-odd years of my too-brief, odd life.

And if you think about it, just think about it, maybe you should, too.

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