Monday, February 11, 2008

And In Internationall News...

It was reported today that a top Taliban commander, Mullah Mansoor Dadullah was wounded and captured near the Afghanistan border in Pakistan.

Mullah Mansoor Dadullah and five other Taliban militants were all injured in a firefight and taken into custody, either when entering Pakistan, or while hiding in a compound near the border. Reports were contradictory at the scene.

Mullah Mansoor Dadullah is the brother of the late Mullah Dadullah. Mullah Dadullah was killed last may in Southern Afghanistan, in an Afghan and NATO military operation against the Taliban.

Mullah Dadullah is survived by his nephews, Jabullah Dadullah and Ratullah Dadullah, his neice, Katullah Dadullah, his uncles Zapullah Dadullah and Fafullah Dadullah, his aunts Kajullah Dadullah and Mamullah Dadullah, his grandparents, Patchullah, Makullah, Bafullah and Jargullah Dadullah, his parents, Mahullah Dadullah and Padullah Dadullah, and his wife, Falullah Dadullah and his eleven children, seven of which are named Walullah Dadullah, and four of which are named Yalullah Dadullah.

The entire town of his home and birth is grieving still, and will hold a ceremony for the slain warrior later this month, at the annual "Dadullah Dadullah Village Zamboola".

The town of Dadullah Dadullah is located in the Framjullah region of the Zarbullah province of the lawless area on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

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