Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunny Saturday In Seattle

I'm in the Seattle area for the weekend. We are actually staying in Bellevue with a friend. Her home is in the hills just south and east of downtown Bellevue. This is the view this morning out her big living room windows.

Seattle is one of my favorite cities. It is cosmopolitan, with a very wide array of activities, entertainment, and excellent reataurants available all over the greater metro area.

There are a lot of intelligent, interesting people here, and the city feels vibrant, and lively. Hard to adequately explain a place like this, but fun to experience.

It helps that it is only about a three hour drive from home in Portland, so we can come up here frequently.

Farther up the hill is the Newcastle Golf Course and Country Club. The restaurant there has the most fantastic views of Bellevue, the lakes around the metro area, downtown Seattle, and the Olympic Peninsula farther west. You can see for miles! It's really beautiful.

Brunch at the restaurant out on the patio with some house recipe Bloody Marys is a great experience. Good food and drinks, great service, and those spectacular views, which may be the best in the entire Seattle area.

Today it is clear, sunny, and already over 60 degrees. Not LA hot, but warm enough to enjoy doing something outside.

Very nice.

Maybe I'm just lucky, but it's almost always nice when I am up here, and we come up several times a year, in all different seasons.

If you don't live in the Northwest, you just hear about the rain.

When you live in the Northwest, you don't usually see the rain as often as outsiders expect.

There are always a few weeks in Winter full of dark, cloudy wetness. And a week or so like that from time to time in Spring and Fall.

But most of the year it's not raining, and it's pretty decent.
We have four real seasons, and we can get sun, rain, hail, snow, ice, and occasional windstorms, all in the same winter month. None of them are extremes, but it provides a good variety.
May or June through October are very good, with sun almost all the time from July through mid to late October.
We always have several sunny weeks in the middle of winter, to cheer us up.
There is a lot of green even in the winter with all the evergreen trees, with a lot more colors in the spring, summer and fall.
I live fifteen minutes from water skiing, an hour from snow skiing, a bit more from the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia Gorge, and Central Oregon's High Desert. In Central Oregon you get mainly sun or snow, almost no rain.
Mount Hood and Timberline Lodge are an hour and a half away, Multnomah Falls is even closer.
Scenery, activities, restaurants, art, music, theater...

It's a good place to live.

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