Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Big Day...Maybe

So now we find out what the major direction of the Presidential Campaign will be, at least for a little while, until something else changes the race.

Former Senator and Presidential contender Bob Dole has sent a letter to Rush Limbaugh trying to get him to ease up on John McCain.

It's just a Republican who is not a screaming partisan freak, trying to help another non-freak Republican, by attempting to moderate a radio talk show host who IS a screaming partisan freak.

But the radio host is not as freaky as Ann Coulter. She may get the prize. She's the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of American media. Soon she could be called Ann Qaeda. Don't laugh, she is just as willing to listen to another side of an issue as our insane asshole enemies. She hasn't killed anyone herself (at least I don't think she has) but her intolerance of differing views sounds just as harsh as an Islamic extremist.

But at least she's an entertainer and not an actual politician. Same for Limbaugh.

When politics really heats up, these two, and several others in the national media, on the Right and the Left, jump to attention and start wailing and shrieking to get more attention.

It almost doesn't matter what they are talking about. Although they try to craft a veneer of intellect and seriousness onto their rantings, they display a surprisingly base groveling for listeners, with ever more extreme and seemingly controversial statements and positions. Their intent soon becomes all too obvious; to pump up their ratings to pump up their income.

But what the hell, I would probably do it too, if it meant that much more money in my pocket.

The only thing I regret about these loud talking heads is that there are so many people in this country who listen to them with the idea that they are hearing the truth.


All the truth, only from one or a few of them, with no interest in ever listening to another side of the story.

Whatever Bill O'Reilly or Juan Williams or Sean Hannity or Al Franken or Ann Coulter or Randi Rhodes or Rush Limbaugh says is totally true! Those lying sacks o' shit on the other side aren't even worth listening to, much less considering.

Whenever I meet someone who gets all their news and views from one source, or from one far side, I avoid them.

I would rather spend an evening in a good discussion with Newt Gingrich than a rabid fan of Bill O'Reilly, because even though he is Conservative, Newt sees both sides, and so many who listen to Billy don't.

What the hell has our country come to, that partisanship now infects so much of the populace, that they aren't even interested in hearing differing views?

Well, they did learn well at the feet of Bush and Cheney, andf Newt does bear some responsibility, as well as the Clintons, Karl Rove, Linda Tripp, et al.

One can only hope it is a phase, like believing everything one reads on the Internet, or reality TV shows.

If not, we are in way more trouble than we realize.

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